First Teaser Trailer For SHARKNADO 6 and Official Title Revealed

The Syfy Channel has released the first teaser trailer for Sharknado 6 and they announced that the title of the film will be The Last Sharknado: It's About Time. They can say that this is the last Sharknado film all they want, but I can't help but think that all this marketing for it being the final film in the franchise, is all just a way to set it up for Sharknado 7! Remember that time when the Saw franchise was supposed to end? The title also makes a point of letting fans know that the story is "about time", with the whole time-travel element. Anyway, here's the synopsis: 

Our hero Fin (Ian Ziering) has battled sharks all over the globe, but in this last installment he will tackle the final shark-tier -- time travel. In the ending moments of SHARKNADO 5: GLOBAL SWARMING, Fin was seen wandering alone on Earth after it was destroyed. Now he must travel back in time to stop the Sharknado that started it all. Will Fin and the gang be able to set everything right and save the world once and for all? A production of The Asylum, THE LAST SHARKNADO: IT’S ABOUT TIME is directed by Anthony C. Ferrante, based on an original screenplay by Scotty Mullen.


The film will also star Tara Reid, Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, La Toya Jackson, Dee Snider, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Alaska and Darrell Hammond.

The Last Sharknado: It's About Time will be released on August 19th.

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MULAN Adds Utkarsh Ambudkar and Ron Yuan to the Cast


Disney is adding more people to the cast of their live-action Mulan. Utkarsh Ambudkar from Pitch Perfect has been cast as the con artist Skath. Also, Marco Polo’s Ron Yuan will play the role of Sergeant Qiang who is described as “the ‘fiercely loyal’ second in command of the Imperial Regiment.” These two stars will join Liu Yifei playing Mulan, Donnie Yen who will have the role of Mulan’s mentor, Jet Li as the emperor, and Gong Li will play the villainous witch.

Niki Caro is directing Mulan which is currently slated for release on May 27, 2020. The story will most likely be very similar on the animated movie with Mulan disguising herself as a man to join the Imperial army in her father’s place. Filming is expected to begin in China and New Zealand later this year.

Source: Deadline

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Watch the Full Press Conference For SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY With the Cast and Crew

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend the press conference for Disney and Lucasfilm's new film Solo: A Star Wars Story. I recorded the panel that featured members of the cast and crew talking about their work on the film.

The video features Ron Howard, Paul Bettany, Joonas Suotamo, Emilia Clarke, Alden Ehrenreich, Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Thandie Newton, Lawrence Kasdan and Jon Kasdan.

It's actually a pretty entertaining press conference and everyone gets playful as they offer some great insight on the film they made and the characters that they play. I personally really enjoyed the film and what this team of talent ended up doing with it. 

Solo: A Star Wars Story opens up today! Some of you may have already seen it. I hope that there are fans out there that will enjoy it just as much as I did. But in the end, I hope that it at least manages to entertain the fans. 

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MoviePass Competitor Sinemia Offers New Cardless Option to Keep Up with Rising Demand


Sinemia is MoviePass’s main competitor. They have been growing like crazy, especially as MoviePass has been making some changes that are pissing off customers. This growth is good, but when MoviePass saw similar growth they sacrificed customer service. Sinemia has decided to handle the problem differently. Customers have been complaining about not getting their membership cards in a timely manner and instead of offering some crap argument, they decided to provide a new cardless option. Here’s an explanation from the press release:

“We’ve seen incredible demand for our movie ticket subscription service, with many customers wanting to dive right in and buy movie tickets without waiting for a physical card to be shipped to them. We’re proud to now offer the Sinemia Cardless feature, allowing movie fans to reserve movie tickets in advance immediately,” said Rifat Oguz, founder and CEO of Sinemia. “At Sinemia, we strive to provide the best moviegoing experience possible while driving the industry forward, and this is just one example of how we’re moving quickly to address our customers’ needs. Sinemia Cardless makes it easier than ever for people to get their movie tickets in advance.”

The new cardless feature is available to all subscribers with a paid Sinemia account in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. Users simply select the movie and show time through the Sinemia app and use digital, one-time only payment information associated with their account to finish the check-out process.

Sinemia and MoviePass have both been growing and I’m sure both have problems (although I only seem to hear about MoviePass), but this is definitely a point in Sinemia’s favor. They listened to their customers and adapted. If they continue listening to customers, I think they’ll be fine.

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Kevin Smith Discusses His JAY & SILENT BOB REBOOT Film and Compares it to Gus Van Sant’s Remake of PHYCHO


Last year Kevin Smith announced that he would be making a new Jay & Silent Bob film called Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. When previously talking about the film, Smith said:

"It's a tongue-in-cheek, silly-ass satire that pokes fun at the movie business's recent re-do obsession, featuring an all-star cast of cameos and familiar faces! And I already met with the good folks at Miramax and they're into it, so I'm hoping we'll be shooting in the summer! Never give up, kids. You CAN do anything you want in life, so long as you're patient and malleable."

We now have an update on the project thanks to a recent Q&A on Smith's podcast Fat Man on Batman. During that update, he revealed a few new details on what he is looking to do with the film and that he would start shooting it in August.

He explains that while the film is being labeled a reboot, it's technically a sequel that will feel like a reboot and, obviously, that's all done on purpose. Smith says:

"We’re doing a sequel to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and it’s called Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. It’s us, it’s me and Jay so it’s not really strictly a reboot in the way that people think of a reboot. If you remember Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back it was a movie in which Jay and Silent Bob found out Hollywood was making a movie about them so they went cross country to Hollywood to stop that from happening. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is completely fucking different. In Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Jay and Silent Bob find out that Hollywood is making a reboot of that old movie that they had made about them, and they have to go cross the country to Hollywood to stop it all over again. it’s literally the same fucking movie all over again. It’s a movie that makes fun of sequels and remakes and reboots while being all three at the same time.”

I've gotta say... I kinda love that idea. It's such a ridiculous idea, but it works so perfectly for these characters. Smith goes on to compare the remake to filmmaker Gus Van Sant's decision to remake Psycho.

“One of my favorite little director tricks or experiments of the last 20-25 years was Gus Van Sant, He’s coming off the heat of Good Will Hunting. He’s an Academy Award-nominated director. The film won awards. Ben and Matt won for screenwriting, Robin Williams won Best Actor in it. Gus had his pick of anything, he could do anything he wanted, and he went into Universal and he was like ‘I want to remake Psycho.’ They were like ‘Are you crazy? It’s Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho,’ and he was like, ‘yeah, but it’s a black and white movie. There’s a whole generation of kids who will never watch this movie’…. I thought that was so crazy, ballsy, he wanted to do a shot-for-shot remake of Psycho, but in color with new actors. It’s a very film-school experiment. It’s something a young-buck director who’s figuring out what they want to be, does. It felt very avant-garde. Some people will argue from not until the end of time that it was absolutely fucking unnecessary, but I like that it was just ballsy. He literally just made the same fucking movie over again. Mine’s not that, we have a completely different script, but I used the script of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back to build the script to Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. So there’ a van in it with three girls in it."

That certainly was a ballsy movie for Van Sant to remake Psycho! The remake ended up being terrible and I've never met anyone that actually liked it. It's so funny that Smith was inspired by that. You know what, though? In the end, I'm sure the Jay & Silent Bob Reboot is going to be a crazy fun film that fans of Jay and Silent Bob are probably going to love.

What are your thoughts on what Kevin Smith is planning for his new Jay & Silent Bob movie?

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Nicki Minaj e Eminem estão namorando?

Sim nós também estamos o meme da Nazaré Tedesco com essa notícia, mas vem com a gente que explicaremos tudo.

Nicki Minaj lançou recentemente uma música com YG e Big Chain, intitulada de “Big Bank”, na qual ela diz que está de volta e que conheceu “Slim Shady” (apelido de Eminem).

No seu Instagram, a rapper gravou um trecho de sua nova música destacando justamente esse verso.

Até ai nada de mais, porém, um seguidor perguntou: “você está ficando com Eminem?”. E para a surpresa de todos a resposta de Nicki Minaj foi “sim”.

Logo após essa declaração a internet foi a loucura e então o Eminem começou a ser questionado sobre o assunto. Logo após algumas horas de muita especulação o rapper respondeu o mesmo comentário que tinha gerado todo esse tumulto com a seguinte frase “garota, você sabe que é verdade”.

Logo após a resposta de Eminem, Minaj resolveu prolongar a novela dizendo “querido, pensei que nós fôssemos manter isso em segredo até o casamento. Vou conversar com você quando chegar em casa”.

Tudo não parece passar de uma brincadeira entre os dois, porém, todos na internet estão atentíssimos para ver os próximos capítulos dessa novela.

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Sony Is Going To Try Portable Gaming Again


Sony’s first attempt with the PlayStation Vita wasn’t really what the company had expected. Sure, the first few years were good, but the Vita was not able to take over the dominance of the Nintendo 3DS in the handheld game. Now, Bloomberg reported that Sony’s gaming division head John Kodera said that Sony is now looking at mobile gaming and believes that it will be part of PlayStation’s strategy moving forward. 

“Rather than separating portable gaming from consoles, it’s necessary to continue thinking of [portable gaming] as one method to deliver more gaming experiences and exploring what our customers want from portable,” Kodera said. It seems that Kodera is suggesting in his announcement that Sony’s plan for mobile gaming will probably be somehow tied with the PS4 or better yet, the next PlayStation console. 

This announcement is definitely good news, given that Sony plans to end the production of physical Vita games in North America and Europe. Furthermore, Sony announced a few months ago that Sony will cease support for free PS Vita games that come with a PS Plus subscription. 

As of now, it seems that Sony is still not set on what they actually plan for mobile gaming in the future. It’s possible that the company will make a successor to the PS Vita, which will aim to rival the Nintendo Switch. On the other hand, Sony might also take advantage of the growing market of smartphone games that they may link somehow with the next PlayStation console. Probably an Xperia phone that has Switch like capabilities? Only time will tell. 


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Emilia Clarke Says The GAME OF THRONES Creators STAR WARS Trilogy Will Be “Star Wars on Acid”

While most fans aren't excited about Rian Johnson's upcoming Star Wars trilogy, there are a bunch of fans excited about what Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will deliver. 

We don't know much about what they are planning, but we do know that it will be completely separate from the Skywalker saga and the trilogy that Johnson is developing. During a recent interview with Variety, Emilia Clarke, who has now made her mark in the Star Wars universe with Solo: A Star Wars Story, was asked about what she thinks we can expect from the Game of Thrones team, and this is what she said:

"What they brought to fantasy as a genre people are appreciating on a much grander scale. Putting all that creativity, all of that skill and all of that intellect into something that already is, or has, so much. I think it's just going to be Star Wars on acid. It will be amazing. I can't wait."

I love what they brought to the Game of Thrones series, and I hope that whatever they bring to the Star Wars franchise will be just as epic. 

I do like that the Star Wars projects being developed by Benioff, Weiss, and Johnson are going to be completely original and that they won't be held down by any existing character mythology when creating their stories. 

What do you think they will bring to the franchise? What do you hope they bring?

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Bianca Del Rio está escolhendo os cinemas para projetar seu segundo filme

A Drag Queen Bianca Del Rio fez uma continuação do seu primeiro filme intitulado “Hurricane Bianca”.

Na sequencia da trama, Bianca viajará até a Rússia após ter sido vitima de um plano de sua inimiga, em outro país a Drag acaba enfrentando muitos problemas pelo alto índicie de homofobia.

“Hurricane Bianca: From Russia With Hate” já está disponível nas plataformas digitais, porém, a Drag Queen anda escolhendo cinemas ao redor dos Estados Unidos para exibir o seu longa.

Caso você queira conferir quais os locais de exibição basta acessar o site oficial do filme Hurricane Bianca.

Assista ao trailer:

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Sean Astin And Mews Rewatch STRANGER THINGS In Hilarious Netflix Video

Netflix just got two of Stranger Things biggest Season 2 stars together for a traumatic rewatch of their series. Mews and Sean Astin got together to watch their respective death scenes in the show, and as you'll see in the hilarious video below, it was a bit tough for them to experience. This is dumb to admit, but I'm just glad that cat is fine. For whatever reason I just assumed they killed that cat for real, despite the knowledge that there are plenty of laws in place to prevent that from happening. Anyway, watch the video below:

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