Director Peyton Reed Tried To Get Rick Moranis in ANT-MAN


Every time Rick Moranis comes up in the news, I'm always reminded of how freakin' funny he was and how much I miss seeing him in the movies. It makes me sad that he doesn't make movies anymore, but I do understand why he left the business behind him.

Turns out director Peyton Reed actually tried to get him out of retirement to play a role in the first Ant-Man film! He made the reveal during Screen Junkies' 'Honest Reactions' show, where they got him to watch the Honest Trailers' take on the first Ant-Man. It was during which, that he mentioned his plans to have Rick Moranis make a cameo appearance in the first film:

"We actually, at one point, attempted to get a Rick Moranis cameo in the first movie - still during the period, I think, where he wasn't doing so much acting. I think he's now gonna be on the CTV Scorsese-directed thing, which I'm super psyched about. But always, still, an unchecked box for me."

It would have been cool to see Moranis on the big screen again, but it would have been better if it was more than just a cameo. I don't blame him for turning down the offer. Maybe if there was a bigger role for him to take on, but even then Moranis might have said no. 

Moranis retired from acting in 1997 to take care of his kids after his wife died. But, Moranis is set to appear in Netflix's SCTV reunion documentary. Maybe that will be the first of many more onscreen appearances. Maybe Reed can try to get him again when Ant-Man 3 roles around. 

It would just be great to see Moranis on the big screen again. I don't know if that will ever happen, but I hope that it does. Ant-Man would be the perfect franchise for him as well, after all, he already played with shrinking people down in size in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

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