ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Season 4 Would Have Been MAD MAX Meets FALLOUT With Robots

Last week it was announced that Starz had canceled Ash Vs. Evil Dead after three gloriously blood-drenched seasons. I loved this show and it was pretty disappointing to hear that it was canceled.

Had the series been picked up for a fourth Season Sam Raimi, Robert Tapert, and star Bruce Campbell had been developing it and they knew exactly where they wanted to take it. According to Bloody-Disgusting:

If “Ash vs. Evil Dead” had been blessed with a fourth season, it would have taken Ashy Slashy to the future. Think sci-fi post-apocalyptic, like Mad Max meets Fallout, only with…robots!

Now I'm even more bummed out that the show got canceled because I would have loved to see this! The report goes on to point out:

"Interestingly, this would have been the full leap into the much-desired Evil Dead 4, which was teased at the ending of Raimi’s initial cut of Army of Darkness. If you recall, Ash pulls a Rip Van Winkle and awakens 100 years in the future. Unfortunately, this ending was changed, but remains available in various alternate editions of Army of Darkness. This could have been the fourth season of Ash vs. Evil Dead.

What a missed opportunity! Damn... that would have been a blast to watch! I know that Bruce Campbell says he's retired, but it would be awesome if Raimi, Tapert and Campbell shopped the series around to Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon and see if they'd let them finish out their series and bring this wild next chapter of Ash's story to life. It'd be a bloody shame if they never got to tell this part of the story!

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